Purpose of Activity

  • To share broad, deep and pleasure of beer.
  • To educate beer journalists through tasting and writing “sensory evaluation” practice.
  • To become the important and reliable association for media.

Details of Activity

  • Sharing information in the Homepage and email magazine for beer fans, brewers, bars and manufacturers, at the same time, exchanging beer information with them.
  • Creating columns where selected persons by the association can write, so that the beginner beer fans can understand beer in full details.
  • Introducing new beer products.
  • Introducing beer pubs, bars and restaurants.
  • Introducing beer events.
  • Writing and editing manuscript requested by the media.


  • 石黒謙吾著述家

  • 野田幾子ライター/エディター

  • 野村浩二ライター/「クラフトヘッズ」オーナー

  • 藤原ヒロユキビール評論家/イラストレーター

  • 三輪一記一般財団法人 日本ベルギービール・プロフェッショナル協会 代表理事