強力な装備が整ったShared Brewery(東京・八王子)/ Shared Brewery’s Powered up Equipment (Tokyo, Hachiouji)

Shared Breweryとは・・・/ What Shared Brewery is…

Shared Breweryフロント – Front side

京王線の長沼駅と平山城址公園駅にあるBrewpubShared Brewery
Along the Keio Line, between the Naganuma and Hirayama Joushi Kouen stations, you can find Shared Brewery, a Brewpub.
The entire front of the shop is glass, you get a very spacious feeling while visiting. Half of the space is dedicated to a brewery, whilst the other half is the pub, where you can enjoy delicious beer. It has a few tables, a bar counter and a camp looking area, so you can enjoy a feeling of the outdoors while sitting safely inside.


Camp Site





充実した機材 / Updating the equipment

Shared Brewery4回目の緊急事態宣言中に設備のアップグレードを始めましたオーナーの小林大亮さんに話を聞くと
During the 4th state of emergency caused by the Covid-19 virus, the upgrading began to happen. Asking the owner Kobayashi Daisuke, he said.
”The plan was to upgrade the equipment after three years when I first started. At first it was all about getting affordable equipment so as to get started. But when the upgrading was about to start, the covid pandemic caused the world to halt. Everything that was ordered and planned to replace the current equipment had their deliveries severely delayed.”

The prohibition to serve alcohol at restaurants due to the state of emergency meant that serving draught beer was no longer possible. During that period beer was poured into cans or bottles for customers to take home, or if you own a Growler (a custom, double walled container which can withstand the pressure of carbonation), you can purchase beer by the volume.

Due to delays, little by little the inside of the brewery was changing, the previously used six 100L tanks was replaced by five much larger 300L tanks for both boiling and fermentation, which would increase and streamline production speed.

A kegwasher will also be installed, Shared Brewery is looking to sell beer by keg to other craft beer bars and restaurants. The brewery is currently looking for buyers.

Here’s what Kobayashi said:
“Finally I’ve been able to move to professional equipment, making the manufacturing procedure more streamlined and efficient. I used to prepade double batches, started working in the early morning up until 2am the next day. Now I start around 9am and the work is finished around 5pm the same day. With the manufacturing streamlined, there is now time (and energy) to open the pub part and sell beer as well.
I would like to increase sales outside of our own bar as well, such as external sales in cans and barrels through mail order.”

Twin Monkeys Nano Canner

Twin Monkeys Nano Canner





アメリカから Twin Monkeysの缶詰の機材も購入したそうで、きちんと保存が可能な缶ビールも販売できるようになります。(その缶詰の機材は日本に2台しかないとのこと!)
To properly start selling beer in cans the brewery has imported a nano canner from America, by the makes Twin Monkeys. This way the beer can stay fresh for longer. According to the makers, there are only two of this machine in Japan at the moment!


最近の様子とこれから・・・/ Recent news and From here on…

Now that the state of emergency has finally been lifted, a new beer can be enjoyed every weekend over at Shared Brewery.

11月に入ってセッションIPAが完成。(先日は、個人的にずっと待っていたココナツのIPAがようやく販売!) Entering November, the Session IPA was finished. (And the other day, the thing I had been waiting for finally got released, the Coconut IPA!)

以前使っていた100Lのタンクでは現在は2種類のランビック (Lambic) を熟成中。
Two of the 100 L tanks that was being used earlier are still being kept, and they will be making specialty beer, currently two versions of Lambic is in the making, slowly being aged.

他にも特別なビールを作るためにFoeder Smithの木製の樽を購入し、木の香りを楽しめるビールも作るそうです
To add to the already pretty impressive upgrades, two Foeder Smith wooden barrels are also being added to the brewery. Shared Brewery wanted to experiment with fermenting in wooden barrels as well.

他にもちょっとおもしろい計画が・・・/ Some other interesting plans…

ビール造りを体験するというより、クラフトビールのブランディングを手助けするサービスです。作ったビールは、Shared Breweryの販路を使い、様々な場所で売られます。

“In the future we will start a service to share brewing equipment for amateur brewers. The beer you make will actually be sold. We will also create labels and SNS pages for advertising. Rather than experiencing beer brewing, it is a service that helps branding craft beer.
The beer you makewill be sold in various places using the Shared Brewery sales channel. This way even amateurs can experience the work of a professional brewery. It is a higher level service than the previous experience brewing”

ビールの冷蔵庫 – Beer Fridge




To the right of the bar counter there is a refridgerator full of beer cans. It contains maily IPA’s since that is
what sells best, but recently you can find Hard Seltzers and even Italian Pilsner at times



ようやく強力な設備が整ったShared Brewery。今後もまたご紹介したいと思います!

Shared Brewery is finally equipped with powerful equipment. I would like to introduce it to you again in the future!


Naganuma 58-214, Hachioji, Tokyo, Japan 192-0907
192-0907 東京都八王子市長沼町58-214

営業時間 – Service Hours
Friday : 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Sat, Sun & Holidays : 2:00 pm – 9:00 pm




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