The Den – Koenji Tokyo (高円寺・東京)

The Den is a craft beer and Hamburger taproom a very short walk away from the south exit of Koenji Station in Tokyo, located in a small alley to the left just before the Koenji Pal Shopping Street.

The Denは東京の高円寺駅南口から徒歩2‐3分のクラフトビールとハンバーガーのタップルームです。高円寺パル商店街の一個前の左側にある細い道に入ってすぐ右側にあります。

They just recenty had their grand opening in 2024 on the 10th of February. I sat down with one of the owners, Ben, a guy from France, and talked a little about their newly opened bar.



So what made you guys want to start your own bar?


I like the bar culture here in Japan and it wasn’t really anything I thought about before, but I ended up working in a couple bars, and it sort of clicked. Standing on the other side of the bar talking to people about what is happening or what’s being served and connecting that way. And owning your own place just makes it easier to make such a space so to say.


Future plans / 未来について

I know you guys just opened this bar, but do you have any plans for expansion or brewing your own beer?


It just so happens that one of the owners already owns two breweries abroad, one in Taiwan and one back in France. So first we have to figure out a way to get those beers over here in an efficient way. We also have a very strong connection with Kaigan Brewery (who brews our flagship beer at the moment)  in the Chiba Prefecture, so no plans to expand, at least not yet. As for the brewing part itself, I’m no expert there so I can’t really say anything. That said, I would like to see more people interested in beer and the process of making it, and would love to be part in creating such a community.



Do you have any preferences when it comes to ordering beer, and deciding tap rotation?


To be honest, I’ve got a very simple taste, but I want to try to give the customers something different, we don’t just want all the popular styles, we want something that is not always seen, more rare styles of beer. I like to go outside of my comfort zone when trying beer, and I would love for the customers to do so as well. I think it’s a pleasure when it comes to beer to try new things all the time. We don’t really want to write small reviews on the menu for you to read and make decisions off of, we just put the name, the brewery and the style. If some brewery specialises in a certain style of beer we might try to acquire some of that. We also try to keep the list from having two of the same style of beer, we want variation.



Was the decision to make burgers in the shop as well from the start?


Yes, it was already decided from the moment we started preparing and planning. It’s actually an idea that I brought from France. I used to arrange and host events and one time we were thinking of adding something to the event and it fell on Hamburgers, and everyone loved it, and so did I. So it was always in the back of my mind when starting this bar.



Location / 場所


Why did you choose Koenji?


I’ve always liked Koenji, and it’s one of the few neighbourhoods left that feels like old school Tokyo. More and more neighbourhoods are losing that old school charm, or so it feels like to me at least. Also, some of my favourite bars are around here, and for some reason it doesn’t really feel like Tokyo, so there weren’t really any other places I had in mind.


Second floor stage / 2階のステージ

They have six beers on tap and if possible will always connect a new beer, they also have a wide variety of craft beers from around the world in three giant refrigerators on the first floor. On the second floor there is a small cloak area as well as the bathrooms, and a smoking space, on the other side of the room a small stage for live performances. Speaking of which, every Thursday at 7 they have a small acoustic jazz night. Where they have artists come in and play. They try their best to mix things up so it’s not always the same people.


They currently have 3 staff working, and one or more of the owners also being present at times. It’s a very calm and relaxed space, with lots of manga/anime characters and posters scattered throughout the bar.




Address / 住所


Open Hours/営業時間

11:30~23:00 (月\水\木\金\土)
11:30~16:00 (日)
Closed (火)

Social Media / ソーシャルメディア




Is currently under construction (I will update once it goes live)





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